Welcome to EcoVillageGreen! I hope you enjoy reading the articles on the website. On this page I talk a bit about the purpose of the site and my personal philosophy behind it.


EcoVillageGreen strives to provide information and ideas about eco friendly home products, as well as speaking generally to the lifestyle choices we can make to lead a greener life at home. The site came about because of my belief that fundamental change must begin with each individual. Each of us has the power to control the way we live, the way we do things, and the way that our lifestyles impact the environment and our health. EcoVillageGreen tries to empower each person to make the choices he or she can to go green in a manner that is practical given our busy lives.


The world of green living has gotten confusing for three reasons:

a) Too much information. There is an overwhelming amount of information out there, far more than most people or families can absorb.

b) Greenwashing.
As more and more people get on board with going green, companies are taking notice. All of a sudden, all kinds of products are being “spun” as “green” or “environmentally friendly” when in fact such claims are dubious (we call that “greenwashing.”) It’s becoming harder to figure out what’s really green and what’s not.

c) We are busy people needing practical advice. As the green movement takes hold, I think some of us forget that going green has to be an incremental process, not an overnight thing. We have built society on top of many non-green choices and it will take time for us to un-do all of those choices. In the meantime, it’s not really practical to ask a harried family, for example, to grow 100% of their own food or recycle their bodily waste even though these practices are undeniably green. Nor should we send the message that anything less than a 100% conversion to a green lifestyle is unacceptable. People are looking for pragmatic, realistic, incremental ideas for helping the environment that they can implement right now in a manner that’s as consistent as possible with their basic lifestyles. Every small change they make can make a big difference in the aggregate.

My goal at EcoVillageGreen is to address these three concerns. I hope to provide simple and concise information about going green and how to get there, in a manner that a non-green expert can apply. I want to enable people to learn the truth about what’s green and to see through greenwashing “spin.” I also want to help people make smaller, incremental choices to adopt a greener lifestyle without making them feel they have to tear everything down and start over. Every post in this blog should ultimately come down to the power of “you”–the practical things that you can do through your choices that can make an enormous difference in the aggregate.


Leadership is unquestionably needed from the government. We’re finally getting that leadership from President Obama through his focus on developing a green economy in the face of the economic crisis we are going through. Ultimately, however, it’s up to individuals like you and me to hear the call to action and actually do something about it. Our government can cajole us, but it can’t by itself bring about the necessary change. That’s up to us–through the choices we make and the lives we lead going forward.

One household changing a single light bulb to a compact fluorescent bulb doesn’t have much impact, but every household in America making the same choice would free up enough electricity to power 1.5 million homes without need for more coal power plants. Such is the power of the individual–not in acting alone, but in concert with others of similar mind make a huge difference for the environment.


The village green used to be a communal area maintained by all members of a village, where people would come together to celebrate or to chat and exchange ideas while grazing their livestock. It was an outdoor extension of people’s homes. Likewise, I want EcoVillageGreen to be a communal area where we exchange ideas about living a more natural and eco friendly life with others of the same mind.

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