Join The World For Earth Hour 2009

by Owner on March 27, 2009

This Saturday March 28th at 8:30 PM ET will mark the third annual Earth Hour. It is a moment in time where people of all ages, races, nationalities and backgrounds will use their light switches as their vote for Earth and against global warming by simply flipping off the light for one hour. It is an hour during which we can all rise as one voice on every continent on this planet and tell our governments and politicians that the time to do something about global warming is now and that we will accept no further delay.

City skylines all over the country and the world will go dark. Almost 4000 cities have agreed to turn off their lights, including every major city in the US. So too will many landmarks go black, from the Empire State Building to the Sydney Opera House. Many companies have agreed to turn off the lights in their buildings as well.

Earth Hour’s goal this year is to get one billion people to switch off their lights as part of a mass vote against global warming. The results of this “election” will be presented at the Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen later this year as a loud, clear message for our politicians.

Will you join us? Your light switch is your vote.

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