Can one household save the planet?

by Owner on February 14, 2009

The Washington Post has a great article about one family’s struggle to go green. The author writes about how difficult it is to become more eco friendly in the face of contradicting or unreliable information, and against the grain of so many of modern life’s conveniences. She concludes that, while her family won’t get it perfectly every time, it’s still worth making every effort possible.

Can One Household Save the Planet?
No, but the planet can’t be saved without it.

By Liza Mundy
Sunday, February 15, 2009; W08

I’m in the corner of our family room, by the TV, looking to take a first baby step toward making my household greener. Everything I’ve read on reducing your carbon footprint says it’s best to start with something easy, and what could be easier than unplugging electronics? These days, many gadgets require energy to run even when they are not, technically, running — drawing “standby power” to keep digital displays glowing, among other things — so the green solution is to yank them when unused. The Web site lists unplugging as among the “5 Easy First Steps You Can Do Today,” and loads of other experts recommend it.

Yes, it should be easy enough to do this, I am thinking, leaning over the sharp-edged Scandinavian cabinet to see where the TV plug is and trying not to knock over the pile of DVDs precariously stacked beside it. Oh, and there’s the cord for the DVD player — I’ll need to unplug that one, too. Nearby is my cellphone charger, so, okay, three cords to unplug every evening; that’s still easy. I’ll try to remember to disconnect them before I take the dog out and pack lunchboxes for tomorrow. Except, wait, I charge my phone at night, so I should unplug that in the morning, about the same time I plug the other ones back in. (Read the rest here.)

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