Best Buy Takes Electronics Recycling Nationwide

by Owner on February 2, 2009

e-cycling-recycling-best-buyBest Buy is expanding a pilot electronics recycling program to the entire United States. Beginning February 15th, 2009, you will be able to bring up to two electronic units per day per household to your nearest Best Buy for recycling. They will accept televisions and monitors up to 32″ in size, desktop PC’s, notebooks and laptops, computer accessories such as keyboards and mice, VCR’s, DVD players, cell phones, and remote controls. Best Buy will charge a $10 recycling fee for most items with screens such as TV’s but will immediately issue you a Best Buy gift card for the same amount. All items they accept will be disposed of through third-party recycling partners.

Items Best Buy will NOT accept under this program include appliances, air conditioners, microwave ovens, items with screens larger than 32″, and items with Freon. However, Best Buy will pick up and haul away these items if they are also delivering you a new product. They will also pick up items for recycling without a delivery but with a $100 fee for up to two items, and $20 per additional item.

Best Buy will also continue its recycling kiosks at the front of every store where you can recycle cell phones, PDA’s, CD’s, DVD’s, ink cartridges, and rechargeable batteries.

The company’s newly announced program for electronics will be an enormous benefit to every community with a Best Buy in the country, which have all had to rely on ad hoc, patchwork processes for keeping these items out of landfills. Here in Arlington, Virginia the recycling of these materials is a major pain in the rear. They are considered “hazmats,” and there is only one designated center for hazmats in the County–that being at a local water treatment plant. Their open “office hours” are 9-3 on Saturdays; otherwise an appointment must be made to drop the materials off another time. They also charge more than Best Buy for disposing of items with screens. While it’s great to have that service, it can’t compare to being able to go to the nearby Best Buy at any time they’re open and just drop these items off. Hopefully communities everywhere will see a major uptick in the recycling of these materials as a result of the convenience Best Buy will soon be offering.

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good for them they should


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