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SFI Program February 22, 2012 at 9:12 am

Thank you for bringing attention to responsible forestry. However, your points about the Sustainable Forestry Initiative are unfortunately misinformed. The fact is SFI is the world’s largest single forest certification standard, is based on science, governed by an independent board representing economic, social and environmental interests equally, and backed by independent third-party audits – many of whom audit more than one standard, including FSC. Get the facts by visiting http://www.sfiprogram.org/facts/ecolabels.php to learn that TerraChoice lists SFI as a legitimate environmental standard in its report The Seven Sins of Greenwashing , and listen to Scott McDougall discuss how consumers can make smart choices by choosing credible green labels. Don’t just take it from us, read more on what others are saying at http://www.sfiprogram.org/others-saying.php, and see our response to false claims at http://www.sfiprogram.org/newsroom/?p=1111.


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