Forty Ideas For Organic Baby Gifts For Planet-Conscious Parents

by Nicola Temple on November 7, 2011

Looking for the perfect something for an expecting mom? Trying to find something that is eco-friendly as well as baby-friendly? Here are some ideas for organic baby gifts that might help.

As a green mom who was on the receiving end of a baby shower not so long ago, I’ve added my two cents where I can. I hope you find it helpful.

For baby’s bathing and skin care:

A gentle, organic soap free of unnecessary nasties will always get used. I used Dr. Bronner’s certified organic castile soap for babies on my little one.

Organic cotton wash cloths are nice and I found having about ten or so was perfect as there were always a good portion in the dirty laundry.

Diaper ointment will no doubt be needed at some point and Nature’s Baby Organics makes one with 85% organic ingredients.

Organic cotton hooded towels are handy to keep baby warm after a bath.

For baby’s bed

More and more of the bedding material for babys can be found in organic cotton these days, which is wonderful.

For the first couple of months baby might be in a bassinet and there are organic cotton oval bassinet mattresses available. A bassinet is honestly used for such a short period of time, it might be a nice idea to find a used one and then just replace the mattress if necessary.

The same is true for the crib. We got our crib from my sister-in-law and before it was used by her two girls, it belonged to someone else. I passed the crib on to a friend in need after we were done with it. How wonderful to see it get reused. It saves money and it saves resources. If the crib needs a new mattress, consider one made with organic cotton.

Add an organic waterproof quilted crib cover, an organic cotton crib bumper, and organic cotton sheets and an old crib can look good as new!

I remember going through a lot of receiving blankets – so those are handy to have in large supply.

There are also organic cotton thermal blankets for cooler weather. Nice to have to throw over bub when out for a walk on a cool day.

I can’t recommend an organic cotton sleep sack highly enough. My little one slept in a sleep sack until he was about 16 months old. Thrown over a sleeper, you can rest assured that baby will be warm enough and hasn’t kicked blankets off while sleeping.

For younger babies who rest better swaddled, there are also organic cotton swaddling wraps.

For the dirty job of diapering

This is where a huge amount of waste is generated – and I’m not talking about what’s in the diaper. It’s estimated that a baby will go through 5,000 diapers before being toilet trained. Multiply that by the number of tots in disposables in the US and you’ve got a lot of landfill material. What happens on the change table has the largest impact on the environment.

Starting with the diapers themselves, go cloth. A great gift for a new mom is a diaper service for the first few weeks to allow her time to settle in with baby and catch some much-needed winks rather than spend all her time doing laundry.

I was lucky enough to be given both organic bamboo diapers and organic cotton diapers. However, a word of advice is that the bamboo diapers are supposed to get softer and softer with use – this isn’t true if you don’t have a dryer. They were fine to use, but weren’t as soft as they perhaps could have been.

You can get an organic cotton changing pad for the top of the change table.

Reusable organic cotton baby wipes are a great way to reduce waste. I wish I had known about these when I had my baby!

An organic flannel cotton waterproof pad is a great gift. We used ours ALL the time. I was often out and about with our little one and this handy little pad made a forest floor, grassy park, or the back seat of the car, a comfortable place to change baby on the go.

For feeding

Organic terry cloth bibs are always needed.

Organic rice rusks are great when teeth start to come in.

Organic baby food is handy for when you’re on the go. I didn’t use these too often, as I wasn’t fond of the packaging, however, I can’t deny that they were super handy to have when travelling. My little one loved to squeeze them into his own mouth when he got older – gave him a sense of independence.

For parents who are going to have cereal spat out at them (and they will), it might as well be organic multigrain cereal.

For mom

Nipple cream – no need to say more.

Some pre-made organic meals that she can pull out of the freezer and heat up would be REALLY appreciated.

A session of post-natal yoga classes and an offer to babysit for the hour while she’s gone would probably go over quite well. Be prepared that she might just curl up on her yoga mat and sleep for the full hour!

organic baby gifts

Organic cotton and bamboo have opened up a whole world of organic baby gifts. This is my husband modeling our organic cotton Moby wrap with our son.


I had an organic cotton Moby Wrap and I used it all the time! There are any number of ways you can wear it and the first couple of times you put it on it seems a bit complicated, but it soon becomes second nature. I actually preferred this to the other carriers we had – way more comfortable. The only drawback was that it can be warm, so may not be practical for hot weather.

I used a babysitter chair a lot too. It meant I could be doing things in the kitchen while making faces at baby and have my hands free. Babybjorn makes one with organic cotton.

Babybjorn also makes a carrier with organic cotton. I haven’t tried it, so I can’t say much, but I’ve seen a lot of them out there so they must be doing something right.

For playtime

An Organic cotton play mat is perfect for lying down while visiting with friends or at home.

There are a number of organic soft teething toys out there.

There are also organic fabric plush toys, some of which come in lovely looking gift sets with blankets, or with sleepers, beanie hats etc.


Organic bamboo and cotton have revolutionized organic baby clothes. Every new baby will need an assortment of onesies, sleepers, and socks. There are also some beautiful long-sleeve one-pieces, bundlers,and pant sets.


Best to give these to mom and dad BEFORE baby arrives as there won’t be as much time to read after. There are a number of books out there about raising organic babies, here are a few:

Choosing to buy organic baby gifts for expecting parents is not only the eco-friendly choice, it’s better for the baby. Whatever the gift, it is likely to go in baby’s mouth or spend a lot of time against baby’s skin, so it’s nice to know that it’s not filled with unwanted chemicals. ModernMum has a bit more to say about choosing organic baby gifts in this video.

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