Sleep Healthier And Better With Organic Pillows

by Owner on March 5, 2011

Just about everyone can relate to a poor night’s sleep, whether it’s because of a lousy mattress or an uncomfortable pillow. On top of that, there is increasing awareness about the effect that chemicals in mattresses and bedding can have on health over the long term, particularly since we spend so much time on our beds. Thankfully there are options like organic pillows that allow you to sleep comfortably and rest easy knowing there are no harmful chemicals near your face.

Whether your need is for firmness, being chemical free, or having hypoallergenic fabric and materials, an organic pillow may just be the answer you’ve been looking for. Natural and organic fillings and outer coverings like pure virgin wool, organic cotton, or latex are the best way to eliminate dust mites as well as other allergens.

Organic pillows are made with materials that have not been subjected to harsh industrial and agricultural chemicals such as pesticides. They are therefore made of more natural filler materials, which is both good for you and good for the planet.

Natural latex is a great option for the consumer suffering from allergies. Both synthetic and natural latex are hypoallergenic, but natural latex has the additional benefits listed above.

A latex pillow also has the benefit of conforming to the shape and contour of a sleeper’s head and neck. This type of customized support protects the neck, decreases the chance of a sleep injury, and minimizes next-day discomfort. If you already suffer from neck and back pain to begin with, you will definitely appreciate this level of support.

Other organic pillows are made of buckwheat hulls. This pillow offers neck and spine support by allowing the hulls to create a contour around your neck and head, providing firm support. A buckwheat filled organic pillow also allows for the passage of air and ventilation, making both sides of the pillow cooler. As with many organic pillow options, buckwheat pillows are hypoallergenic too.

Yet another organic pillow option is wool. Wool likewise allows the pillow to breathe and therefore does not sweat and become clammy like an ordinary down pillow. Many people speak to the comfort of these pillows, as well as the support that the material offers for the head and neck.

Finally there are organic cotton pillows. These pillows can be made of 100% organic cotton both inside and out. They are free of dyes, bleaches and other chemicals as well. They offer yet another comfortable option.

If you’ve ever owned a pillow with poor support, then you understand the sacrifice you made when purchasing it. Organic pillows are often less expensive, are at least as comfortable, and offer a hypoallergenic and chemical free alternative compared to your typical pillow. By going organic, you will get great support while doing good for both your health and the environment.

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