Reclaimed Oak and Other Wood Is The Eco Friendly Answer For Wood Lovers

by Owner on February 27, 2011

While many environmentally minded people are familiar with the practices of reducing and recycling, there is a third ‘R’ that is often overlooked. Reusing materials can help reduce our consumption and aid in the reduction of waste in landfills across America. The use of reclaimed oak, and other wood materials, is a great way to reuse a valuable commodity.

Tree harvesting is a multi-billion dollar industry that ravages forests across the globe, leaving the land barren and most native wildlife homeless. With hardwood trees taking up to 200 years to grow to full size, the use of lumbar from these forests is far from sustainable. A trend growing in popularity is the use of reclaimed oak and other reclaimed wood to build new materials.

Using reclaimed wood for your next project can be beneficial in quite a few ways. In addition to its environmental benefits, reclaimed wood is often easier on the budget than its newer alternative. Reclaimed wood is salvaged from buildings, flooring and other wood structures that would otherwise go to the landfill. By using reclaimed oak and other wood, you can save a tremendous amount of money on your next project while doing good for the environment.

Reclaimed wood has a character all its own. These pieces of history typically originate from lumbar that was cut from virgin growth forests. The quality of these pieces is unsurpassed, and truly valuable to any environmentally conscious home owner.

Reclaimed oak flooring is not only budget-friendly, but also incredibly attractive. Previously used pieces of oak are fashioned into planks for flooring, which give a historical and elegantly rustic look to a home. While hardwood oak flooring could cost you up to $10 per square foot, reclaimed wood flooring can run as low as $2 per square foot or even less.  Whether you choose long thick planks for a rustic styled home, or thin refinished planks for a more modern look, reclaimed wood flooring is a fantastic addition to any living space.

Purchasing reclaimed wood furniture is a practical way to incorporate this environmentally conscious method of reusing into your home. With endless options, from beds to dressers and kitchen cabinets to dining room tables, you can find any type of furniture made from reclaimed wood.

As is the case for flooring, one of the most popular types of wood used for these furniture projects is reclaimed oak. Known for its sturdiness and distinctive grain pattern, reclaimed oak is highly desirable and fashionable.

No matter your project, from building a home to installing flooring in your living room, or even if you want to add a few eco friendly pieces of furniture, the use of reclaimed oak or other reclaimed wood is a practical choice for anyone who cares about the increasingly desperate state of our hardwood forests.

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