Dimmable Compact Fluorescent Bulbs Are A Smart Interior Lighting Choice

by Owner on February 11, 2011

Until recently, it was impossible to select fluorescent lights for any fixture with a dimmable switch. They would flicker and work poorly. Technology has come a long way recently, and that is no longer the case. Dimmable compact fluorescent bulbs are a new entry in the lighting market that provides yet another way to save energy and money on your power bill.

Incandescent bulbs, including dimmable ones such as those used in chandeliers, produce light by heating a tightly wound wire or filament, making them dangerously hot and extremely inefficient. Touching one of these bulbs accidentally could result in getting burned and they are very prone to breaking. They also don’t last terribly long, since the heat just wears them out quickly.

Choosing a light bulb that utilizes dimmable compact fluorescent technology is not only safer, but is also more energy efficient. Compact fluorescent bulbs do not work in the same way as incandescent bulbs, and are a much more practical and ultimately economical lighting solution.

Dimmable compact fluorescent bulbs consume one fourth of the energy used by their incandescent equivalents. You could operate four dimmable CFL bulbs on the same amount of energy used by one incandescent bulb, and for a far longer time.

Rather than being made with a filament, the dimmable compact fluorescent bulb uses neon gas in its chamber. This gas is not reactive to heat, making it cooler and less dangerous. This means that you can change bulbs without risk of getting burned, though the bulbs do get warm.

Dimmable CFL technology is designed with a circuit integrated into the bulb, which regulates the flow of electricity. This makes the bulb less energy hungry. Incandescent bulbs rely on a constant stream of energy, and do not regulate the flow of electricity. This regulation obviously creates a more measured consumption of energy, rather than a fluctuating one.

Dimmable compact fluorescent bulbs come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. They are able to be constructed in more ways than incandescent bulbs because there is no need to consider the space required for a filament given its heat output. Some designs available include the regular A shape, the spiral, reflector floods, PAR floods, and even unique or custom designs.

Dimmable compact fluorescent lights can save a household a considerable amount of money on their energy bill, but also on the cost of replacing light bulbs. An incandescent light is expected to last from 750 to 1,000 hours, while the dimmable compact fluorescent bulb can last anywhere from 6,000 hours to 15,000 hours. While the fluorescent version might be a bit more expensive up front, the savings over the life of the bulb quickly outweigh their initial cost.

If dimmable compact fluorescent lights have a disadvantage, it is that they may take a moment to brighten to full intensity, which can be a nuisance to some consumers. This, however, is a minor issue, especially in comparison to the great savings and functionality of these bulbs.

Wherever you have a need for a dimmable light, consider the many advantages of the dimmable compact fluorescent bulb. From energy efficiency to a long life, these bulbs far outweigh their traditional counterparts in value.

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