Energy Saving LED String Lights Are A Beautiful Way To Light Up Your Home

by Owner on February 11, 2011

Over the past few decades, environmentally friendly technology has become popular, not only because it saves energy but also because it saves the consumer a considerable amount of money. A great and eco friendly way to illuminate a home or a patio, particularly for decorative purposes, is through the use of LED string lights.

LED string lights utilize light emitting diode technology that is attached to a cable or string. These string lights are a lot more energy efficient then regular light bulbs and the produce very little heat. LED lights also last an extremely long time, many times longer than traditional bulbs.

This type of lighting is increasingly being used for birthday and wedding celebrations, to light up the holidays, and for home decorating, because they are colorful and can even have a joyful lighting sequence pattern.

The LED bulb on these strings can be made to have different textures or patterns, compared to regular flat light bulbs. They can come in white or have assorted colors such as blue, red, green, purple, and yellow. There are many different kinds of string light sizes, which can contain 50 LEDs, 100 LEDs, or even 200 LED bulbs per strand.

There are fancier LED string lights available, which are constructed with the LED bulbs inside a transparent reflecting tube, where the light of the LED is refracted throughout the tube. This technology is often used to create words or numbers, or even picture designs.

When using LED string lights, maintenance is as easy as 1-2-3. On the very rare occasion when a bulb breaks or goes out, it can be removed from the strand and a new one attached in its place. Due to their ease of use, and their ability to be repaired, these string lights are a practical investment for anyone who is busy and wants a low-maintenance light source.

Like conventional string lights, LED string lights are designed in different patterns such as a single solid string or as a net. The latter can form diamond or square sequences, which is particularly useful when decorating shrubs and other outdoor landscaping features.

The length of LED string lights can vary, from 10 feet, 20 feet, 50 feet, 70 feet or even more. Some LED string lights are equipped with a blinking or wavy lighting sequence, and allow for the blink speed to be adjusted. Some string lights may also be equipped with a tiny music box.

LED string lights require very little energy.  Depending on the length and amount of LEDs, they may consume 2.5 watts, 5 watts, or approximately 10 watts. These efficient string lights can save consumers a considerable amount of money on their energy bill. The most energy efficient ones are solar string lights, which consume no power from the energy grid at all.

Given their very low power requirements, LED string lights can be attached end to end to create endless strands of twinkling lights. This becomes a very useful feature when you’re using outdoor string lights to decorate large spaces, like the side of your home or your roof.

So if you are decorating either indoors or out, you’ll be glad you gave LED string lights a try. They save you money, are eco friendly, and twinkle beautifully wherever you choose to use them.

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