Save Up To 25% Off Your Electricity Bill With A Power Saver

by Owner on February 11, 2011

There has been a growing concern over energy efficiency, as the price of energy rises and consumers are growing more environmentally conscious. One way to reduce your home energy use by as much as 25%  is by using a power saver such as the Power-Save 1200.

The power saver device stabilizes voltages and reduces currents, minimizing wastes and providing a smoother and more stable supply of energy. A power saver stores energy that is otherwise wasted, so that the energy can be used.

Electric power savers improve the efficiency of all appliances in the home because when there is an oversupply of electricity, the appliances tend to overheat. This often leads to poor electrical circulation, inefficient electricity utilization, and possibly equipment damage or shortened life.

The power saver protects appliances and electronics from getting burned, by using a capacitor that serves as a dam, especially when electricity is restored after a power surge.  When a power surge occurs, there is a flood of voltage and peaked current which can damage and burn electrical equipment.

When electricity overflows in a system, even if the appliances are not damaged, it can cause electrical equipment to become less efficient. The power saver cuts down those peaks, which protects appliances and electronics and stores excess electricity.

The usual flow of electricity through a home is not stable. There are ups and down in electrical currents, called spikes. The power saver has a system of capacitors that work by cutting those spikes, which is energy that cannot used by any appliances, and is then converted into heat or stored within the power saver device.

The device like the Power-Save 1200 is very easy to use and install. Power saver devices are square or rectangular boxes, usually with a display on the front. You just need to plug it in to any indoor wall outlet. It is recommended to plug it in the outlet that is far away from appliances that turn themselves on and off regularly, like air-conditioning, refrigerator, and electric heaters, and far from those that consume the most energy, like your television. Preferably, you’ll want to plug your power saver into an outlet close to your electrical meter.

According to some brands, power savers may be able to save up to 25% of the energy wasted in a home, although a 10-15% savings is more typical. The greatest benefit of this, of course, is a lowered electricity bill. The device’s own electrical consumption is so low that it doesn’t need to be taken into account when calculating energy savings, especially considering its benefits.

A power saver like the Power-Save 1200 or its equivalent is a great addition to any home, but especially homes with older electrical wiring. By installing this inexpensive device, you can save a tremendous amount of money every year on your energy bill and help to combat wasteful consumption.

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