A Recycled Bag Is the Perfect Answer To Wasteful Shopping Alternatives

by Owner on February 11, 2011

One of the most recent targets of environmentally friendly circles has been the wastefulness of shopping bags. From grocery stores to major retailers, the recycled bag has been gaining popularity as the solution to the abundant deposits of plastic and paper in our landfills. The amount of grocery bags, shopping bags and other plastic bag waste clogging landfills, lakes and rivers is becoming a tremendous problem.

The recycled bag is an eco friendly alternative to conventional plastic and paper bags and can be recycled over and over again. Recycled shopping bags are popping up at major retailers across the country in a response to the demand for more renewable materials.

Recycled paper bags are usually made from at least 40% post-consumer waste and are just as sturdy and practical as non-recycled bags. This recycled bag is most commonly carried in grocery stores and can be identified by the recycle symbol marked at the bottom of the bag. Along with the logo, you should be able to identify the amount of post-consumer paper used in making that particular bag.

The great part about paper bags is, no matter what you do to them, they are easily recycled in your paper recycling bin. They can also be used for adding “brown”, carbon-heavy material to your compost bin–just be sure to remove any sections with glue so as to avoid mixing that in with your compost.

While not as prevalent, yet growing in popularity, recycled plastic bags have been considered and rolled out by many major grocery chains and retailers. With a proposed ban on plastic grocery bags beginning to gain ground in many American states, an alternative solution is greatly needed. To avoid charging customers for their bags, in an attempt to encourage consumers to bring their own reusable bags, the recycled bag could be the most practical solution.

The recycled bag is also beginning to become quite the fashion trend! Many craftspeople and environmentally conscious manufacturers are converting used bags and other packaging materials into new, fabulous looking totes. By reinforcing used bags with a heavy backing, they can be sewn into a variety of shapes and sizes. Your recycled bags will last years as reusable bags with just a bit of proper care.

If you happen to be a crafty individual, there are many ways to create your own recycled bags. One of the most popular projects found on the internet is creating reusable, knit bags from old plastic grocery bags. By saving your plastic grocery bags and cutting each one into long, thin strips, the plastic ‘thread’ is knit into a large, sturdy bag. These handmade bags are great for taking to the beach, as a reusable grocery bag or as the ultimate in green accessories.

Whether you’re taking paper and plastic bags to the recycling center or you’re repurposing these bags for the greater good, recycling bags makes a significant contribution to our waste problems. The recycled bag is making great strides to becoming a staple in our daily routine and a champion in keeping our landfills free of unnecessary garbage.

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