Bamboo Bath Towels Are A More Sustainable Luxury

by Owner on February 11, 2011

A great way to add sustainable materials to your home, and go green, is to use bamboo bath towels. These essential bath items have grown in popularity because they are soft, clean and are environmentally friendly.

Bamboo is a type of wood that is hard and grows very quickly, making it one of the best sustainable resources to make fabrics and other materials. Bamboo bath towels can be made from 100% bamboo, or blended with organic cotton.

Bamboo bath towels are more comfortable because the material is softer than cotton. It also has thermal isolating properties, which prevents the user from getting a cold shock after getting off the shower.

Bamboo bath towels have anti-bacterial properties. Conventional cotton towels are very porous, making them an ideal place for bacteria, mites, and mold to hide and grow. If not taken care of properly, conventional cotton towels can become damaged. Bamboo towels are non-porous. They reduce the amount of places for bacteria and mold to hide. Not only do bamboo bath towels last longer, but they are also better for overall health.

Given their anti-bacterial properties, using bamboo bath towels reduces maintenance because they require less washing. They also reduce water pollution for the same reason. By washing towels less frequently, one wastes less water and detergent.

If you’re looking to replace all the towels in your home, consider purchasing entire bamboo towel sets. They come in different sizes and colors to suit any decor. Many manufacturers even make bamboo towels with prints or other designs.

It’s important to consider that, when it comes to bamboo towels, you often get what you pay for. Bamboo fabrics can be very expensive materials, but choosing 100% bamboo towels can ensure that your towels last for a long time. If 100% bamboo towels fall outside of your budget, consider a blend of organic cotton.

Although bamboo is a sustainable resource, using it as a fabric has its downside. The process of transforming raw bamboo sticks into bamboo fabrics is not environmentally friendly. In the bleaching process of transformation, there are two main techniques where the bamboo strip is either smoked with sulfur, or boiled with hydrogen peroxide. These techniques expel hazardous fumes which can pollute the air. It’s important to remember, though, that the benefits may outweigh the drawbacks–especially when compared to traditional materials and fabrication methods.

By using bamboo bath towels, you can enjoy wrapping yourself in soft, warm, sustainable luxury. While they may be more expensive than conventional cotton towels, consider that they will often outlast cotton towels due to their anti-bacterial properties. If 100% bamboo is too costly for your budget, consider a blend that incorporates other sustainable materials, like organic cotton.

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