Solar Pool Covers Are The Eco Friendly Way To Enjoy Your Swimming Pool

by Owner on January 4, 2011

Owning a swimming pool is fun and exciting. It’s a terrific source of exercise as well as a place to relax. A pool is also a great surrounding for get-togethers. At the same time, however, pools have a lot of maintenance needs which can add up to time, expense, and stress on the environment. That’s why more pool owners are opting to use solar pool covers to both protect and heat their swimming pools.

One of the big advantages to using solar pool covers is that the pool can be heated year-round in a way that doesn’t increase utility costs. The covers take the natural heat of the sun to warm the pool. So, without using a single unit of electricity or gas, pool owners can go swimming whenever the weather warrants, without having to wait for a mechanical heater to get the water to the desired warmth.

The panels of a solar pool cover are like storage containers, bottling up the heat from the sun during the day and keeping it stocked up during the night. The end result is that the swimming season can be extended beyond just those hot days of summer, and it’s done without a high utility bill or using nature’s resources. That’s definitely being eco friendly.

There are all kinds of covers available. No matter what the shape of the pool is, there is either a cover made for that size, or it can be custom cut to fit the pool’s shape. The price varies, depending upon the customer’s needs or perhaps what their budget allows.

For those who can afford to get the most convenience and use out of their pools, an automatic cover which is retractable can be purchased that will rely solely on the sun to heat the pool via batteries that not only take in the sun’s warmth during the day, but will heat the pool at night. For those who need something more economical, smaller floats can be bought that will help to warm the pool’s water.

As a side benefit, the use of the cover will also keep out dirt, debris, and leaves during the off-season. This means less cleaning is necessary, including less use of a pool sweep which saves even more energy.

For all these reasons, solar pool covers are friends of the environment and provide savings for those who use them.

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solar pool blankets February 15, 2011 at 5:10 am

My pool is under a shade already. Do I need a blanket still to cover it? And a cloudiness remains in my pool after a chlorine shock. What do I do to remove it?


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