Five Things To Know About Botanicals Cosmetics

by Owner on October 22, 2010

Botanicals cosmetics have seen a real surge in popularity and usage over the past 10 to 20 years. The interest of consumers has been sparked by their proposed benefits and unique qualities, as well as the all-natural nature of the products and their ingredients. Of course, not all cosmetics with botanical ingredients are organic and all-natural, and there are also many other important factors to understand as you search around for products to use.

Here are five important things to know about botanicals cosmetics:

1. What are Botanicals? What exactly is meant by a botanical ingredient anyway? A botanical ingredient is anything taken or derived from a plant. This could mean the flowers, the seeds, leaves, or roots. Botanicals cosmetics have been around in some shape or fashion for thousands of years, and ancient societies had long lists of herbs, roots, and flowers that were used for cosmetic purposes.

2. Organic or Not? Just because a product touts a botanical ingredient, it does not mean that the product is all-natural or organic. One botanical ingredient may be included amidst a bunch of chemicals and synthetic components. The term “botanicals” is unfortunately sometimes used to throw consumers off and make them falsely believe that they are buying something natural and therefore good for them. It’s an easy way for companies and marketing firms to make a quick buck based on the interests of consumers, and their desire to live a natural, healthy lifestyle. Therefore, you want to take the time to look for Organic, Certified Organic and 100% Organic labels from the USDA (or the equivalent in your country) on the products that you purchase.

3. Do Botanicals Equal Safety? As mentioned above, botanicals cosmetics could potentially be far from organic. This means they could also potentially be far from beneficial and safe for you, your skin and your body. Besides looking for organic labeling from the USDA, also do some homework on popular chemical names that are included in cosmetic products, and read ingredient labels to see what is actually making up the product itself.

4. What are the Benefits? Different kinds of botanical ingredients can offer all different kinds of benefits. They are as varied and diverse as the world of plant life itself. Many ingredients are used for their wonderful natural scents, while others can be used for anything from moisturizing to invigorating. You’ll probably already be familiar with the name of some of the most popular botanicals used in makeup, like lavender and aloe, and fruit juices and pulps are becoming increasingly popular as well.

5. How About Making your Own? You can even make your own botanicals cosmetics if you want to get started down that path. It’s actually easier than you would think, and with just a few basic ingredients and a few small steps, you can create anything from facial cleansers and hand soaps, to shampoos, body sprays and much more. It’s cost-effective, fun and easy, and it’s a great way to enjoy all-natural beauty at a fraction of the price.

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