Recycled Plastic Adirondack Chairs Are A Great Looking, Long Lasting, Eco Friendly Choice

by Owner on October 18, 2010

Adirondack chairs have long been a classic staple of the American backyard and patio. Now you can purchase recycled plastic Adirondack chairs, which provide the same great look with many more benefits.

Plastic is usually not biodegradable and therefore causes environmental challenges, but recycling all of those plastic bottles can make a big difference. Today, some great companies and manufacturers are putting that material to good use, constructing a high quality recycled plastic Adirondack chair that you’ll love to showcase in the yard.

Recycled plastic Adirondack chairs can be built using a variety of materials and techniques, but what you’ll most commonly see is HDPE. HDPE stands for High Density Polyethylene, and it’s a very durable and reusable plastic, and it’s what our plastic milk jugs and a variety of other household items are made from.

When reworked into a great, durable material for chairs, furniture items and other products, you may see it referred to as plastic lumber. One especially popular form of this plastic lumber is called Poly-Wood.

This material is far from the cheap, flimsy plastic that you have probably seen lots of patio furniture made from in the past. It’s actually very tough and it’s much more similar to actual wood, making the term plastic lumber very appropriate. You’ll even see that the material will weigh about what you would expect from thick, sturdy wood furniture as well. These recycled plastic Adirondack chairs can easily weigh 20 or 30 lbs, showcasing the raw strength and durability that they offer.

A recycled plastic Adirondack chair can also really look fantastic. Once again, flush out those old images and expectations of cheap, flimsy, poorly designed plastic chairs and furniture pieces. Instead, imagine a great looking chair that can be produced in any number of great colors and styles, and which will showcase all of the classic Adirondack style of construction and design. From classic white and tans to blacks, blues, reds and everything in between, it’s all there, and the color will be all the way through the material and not just present in a thin surface layer.

You would never guess that these chairs are made from HDPE plastic lumber as opposed to wood, because the look will be exactly the same. However, there will be one noticeable difference, and that’s the fact that these chairs will actually hold up even better to the test of time. Rotting, UV-damage, water and moisture damage can all be forgotten about with recycled plastic Adirondack chairs, which will hold up to the elements and look as good years in the future as they did the day you bought them.

If you’ve been wondering whether or not those plastic bottles you recycle are being put to good use, then you can rest easy, relaxing in your yard on some fantastic looking recycled plastic Adirondack chairs. They are sturdy and durable, they offer great, classic style, and they are a wonderful way to put recycled materials back to work and out of the landfills and oceans.

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