Four Benefits Of Using An Organic Pillow

by Owner on October 16, 2010

Switching to an organic pillow can provide a wealth of benefits to you as you sleep each and every night. From being more comfortable, to preventing allergies, to not accepting the use of pesticides and chemicals, the benefits of organic pillows are many indeed.

To begin with, organic pillows made from all natural materials were basically the standard until the middle of the 20th century. At that point, many new synthetic fibers, chemicals and components began to be introduced. They were cheaper to produce and easier to make at large scales, and soon they dominated the scene. Today, as we discover more about the negative impact of synthetic compounds and pesticides on our health and the planet’s well being, organic pillows are enjoying a resurgence.

Here are four great benefits of switching to an organic pillow:

1) You’re using something natural. One of the great things about using an organic pillow is that you know you’re using something natural near your face, instead of synthetic substances with unknown (or downright harmful) side effects. Organic pillows that use naturally grown fibers will not be tainted with dangerous chemicals and pesticides. This means you won’t be at risk while you are lying on them each night, and the environment will not have been harmed as the materials were grown and harvested.

2) You have a large choice of materials. A few of the most popular types of organic pillows include organic cotton, organic wool and natural latex. Down pillows, hypo-down pillows and silk pillows are among many other potential alternatives. Each one will have its own unique feel and different characteristics, and you’re bound to find one that works great for you.

3) Many are hypoallergenic. Another benefit to using an organic pillow is that many of them are relatively allergen free, something particularly important to allergy sufferers. Different pillows will offer different levels of allergy-free relief, of course. Whether they prevent and deter dust mites or are simply free of allergy inducing chemical components, you’ll be healthier and feel better each and every day.

4) They are very comfortable! Organic pillows can offer superior comfort. Many materials naturally wick away moisture, and help you to stay nice and cool all night long. Others naturally conform to the shape of your head to help provide the kind of high quality support and comfort that you’re looking for in a good night’s rest.

If you’re looking to live a greener lifestyle and maintain a healthier, more eco-friendly existence, then why not make the switch to an organic pillow? You’ll be comfortable and cool, and you can find a pillow with the exact feel and comfort you’re looking for, whether firm or soft. Organic pillows are free of dangerous and harmful chemicals that nobody should really want around their faces and bodies for the one third of our lives we spend in bed.

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