A Compost Aerator Turbocharges Your Compost Pile

by Owner on October 12, 2010

There are many different tools and techniques that you can adapt to help your compost pile thrive, and one of the best that you should consider using is a compost aerator. A compost aerator offers several different benefits, and the end result is that your garden will flourish and come alive, awakened by the great, all natural nutrients you have supplied to all of your plants and flowers.

Composting is a great way to help reduce the amount of waste your home produces. It’s easy to take everything from leftover food and food scraps, to yard clippings and even some biodegradable packaging and material, and combine it all together into a compost heap. Given time and the right conditions, bacteria and fungi will break all of this down, and you’ll be left with a fantastic, nutrient-rich compost which you can use in your garden and around your landscaping.

What a compost aerator does is help ensure that your compost heap is thriving at all times, making the process move forward as quickly as possible. As bacteria and other organisms break down all of the pile’s contents, the compost will condense and become thicker and heavier. This cuts off the airflow that bacteria need to survive and to work quickly when breaking down all of the surrounding material.

The compost aerator is designed to help break up all of that dense compost, creating more space and plenty of openings for air to flow through. This will get those bacteria back to top speed, and you’ll be composting in less time than ever before. Additionally, the added airflow will prevent unpleasant odors from accumulating, removing one of the major drawbacks to composting that exists in the minds of many.

There are many different types of tools that can function as a compost aerator, and in a jam you can use everything from long, sturdy sticks to shovels or regular pitchforks. However, some specifically designed tools make it easy and hassle free to stir around all of that compost quickly and efficiently.

For example, one classic model looks somewhat like a pitchfork, but after being pressed into the material and pulled back up, the fork rotates, turning over all of that material as it goes. Another model has blades that fold in when you shove the stick into the pile and then deploy when you pull it back out, causing the compost to churn. Some people even utilize composting bins which can be spun around with everything still inside, removing the need for an additional tool or step in the process. Tools and bins like this are very affordable and make for a great supplement to your existing gardening and composting practice.

With a compost aerator, you will be able to really kick up your gardening. You’ll be eliminating much of the waste products that your home produces, putting it to good use and lowering your impact on the environment. You can grow your own fruits and vegetables, or you can just plant some great looking flowers, bushes and shrubbery. Whatever you choose, you’ll get the job done as effectively as possible thanks to the compost aerator and the simple service it provides.

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