Five Tips For Buying A Solar Powered Fountain

by Owner on October 8, 2010

A solar powered fountain can make for a wonderful addition to your yard. If you have the right kind of sunlight, they can even be set up and installed indoors. Solar powered fountains come in just as many shapes, sizes and styles as traditional fountains, and they offer a great deal of benefits as well. You’ll be reducing your energy bill and reducing your impact on the environment, and you’ll get the same great look and feel that you’ve always craved with a fountain.

Take a look at these quick, simple tips to make the most out of your solar powered water fountain.

1. Consider placement and positioning. The placement and positioning of your solar powered fountain is highly important. You need to place the fountain’s solar cell in a position where it receives plenty of unobstructed sunlight, and you also want it tilted in the right direction to capture as much light as possible. Consider also that in some solar powered water fountains, the solar cell is attached to the fountain itself, while in other circumstances it can be placed in a separate location.

2. Consider battery use. Some solar powered fountains come with battery packs included, but many of them do not, and you’ll want to consider purchasing batteries separately. Without the batteries, your solar powered fountain will only be operating during the day when enough sunlight is available. With batteries you can run your fountain during a cloudy day, at night, and at any other time thanks to the saved energy that was already collected.

3. Consider the style. Just like standard fountains found in yards and landscaping, a solar powered fountain can come in just about any kind of style. You can find extravagant hand-carved stone, either traditional or contemporary designs and materials, plus all kinds of sizes, shapes and themes. This means there will always be a great fit for your home and your existing landscaping. Alternatively, you could go for something completely different and use the fountain as a centerpiece.

4. Consider your budget. The good news for people looking to buy a solar powered water fountain is that you can find models starting at less than $50. Of course, it all depends on the size and style that you’re looking for, along with potential add-ons such as batteries. But the point is that you can find solar powered water fountains in any price range. Don’t feel like you have to spend some exorbitant amount of money just to bring one of these home.

5. Consider installation. One of the great benefits of a solar powered fountain is that it can be installed anywhere you have suitable sunlight. You don’t need to worry about wiring or anything else, and you can always just pick up and move the fountain to a new location if you’re looking to change things up.

Keep these five tips in mind when adding a solar powered fountain to your garden design, and you’ll enjoy a wide range of possibilities with less hassle than a traditional fountain.

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