The Dimmable CFL Means No More Excuses!

by Owner on October 4, 2010

CFLs, or compact fluorescent lights, have come a very long way since their introduction. They are now designed to new and improved standards, and are far more popular than they were even just a few years ago. Holdouts who haven’t been using them typically cite the lack of dimming capabilities as one of the major reasons. However, you can now find a wide range of dimmable CFL options today, meaning those excuses should officially be done and over with!

The dimmable compact fluorescent bulb has actually been around for a few years. However, as with all technological progress it takes some time for the word to get out, and it also takes some time for the price to come down and the technology to be perfected. Well, that time is certainly now, and you can find high quality, affordable dimmable CFL bulbs at many stores today, all of which provide a wide range of benefits to you, your home and the environment.

First, a dimmable CFL bulb will have a much lower energy consumption and wattage than a comparable standard light. They often use between 75 and 80% less energy, which is obviously a huge difference that can have an amazing difference in the aggregate┬á impact we have on the environment. It will also make a difference on your monthly power bills. For example, a typical, dimmable 100W bulb can be replaced by a 23W dimmable compact fluorescent. The numbers represent a huge cut in the amount of energy that you’re burning through.

If you replace all of the dimmable lights in your home with these, then you can quickly imagine how much money you can save each month and each year on your lighting. Not only that, but dimmable CFL bulbs also have much longer working life spans than traditional bulbs. This means that while they might cost a few more bucks upfront, but you’ll have to replace them far less often, once again saving more money.

They are fully compatible with all standard dimming circuits, which means you don’t need to rework any wiring or installation, or deal with any other concerns. The range of light and the dimming capacity is fully equal, meaning there are no drawbacks to this more environmentally friendly option.

Many people have been relying on that old excuse that CFLs don’t dim, and that’s why they haven’t made the switch. That excuse no longer holds water. Dimmable CFL bulbs are now easily available, of high quality, and increasingly affordable. With drastically less energy usage, longer lives, and with less impact on the environment (with responsible recycling of spent bulbs), what’s not to like? So go ahead and make the switch to a dimmable compact fluorescent today!

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