Reclaimed Oak Beams: Beautiful, Sturdy, And Great For The Environment

by Owner on October 2, 2010

Most people don’t realize that recycling and reusing can be taken far past the level of plastic water bottles and newspapers around the house. Old structures such as barns and houses can be carefully torn down when not in use anymore, and the materials can be salvaged. One of the most popular materials to recover are reclaimed oak beams.

Reclaimed oak beams offer a fantastic solution for those looking to lessen their impact on the environment. Using them means you once again put to good use materials that have been harvested and used before, without seeing any drawback in quality or composition. Plus, there are a variety of other reasons why choosing to buy reclaimed oak beams can be so beneficial.

The chief benefit for a reclaimed oak beam is, of course, the fact you are reusing something instead of throwing it away. Every time you use a few reclaimed oak beams, you are foregoing chopping down living trees that take decades or hundreds of years to grow, which in turn destroys natural forests and adds to global warming and pollution.

The beauty of a reclaimed oak beam is that it can be used for just about anything. The way it’s used for a second time may depend on the timber grade and condition it’s in when you purchase it. But the options are basically limitless to start with. You can build homes, barns and other structures, or add elements to existing homes such as decks, porches and fences. You can make new furniture and cabinetry, put down new wood flooring, and so much more.

Reclaimed oak beams also really look fantastic. The natural aging process is something that can’t be matched in the shop alone. So when you use this kind of material you’ll be enjoying a wonderful rustic appearance, with some great coloring. Once again, depending on the grade of beam and timber that you purchase, different characteristics will be available and different end uses will be appropriate.

Best of all, a reclaimed oak beam is going to be just as sturdy, durable and high quality as it was when it was first produced. Oak has wonderful rot-resisting qualities, and it often ages with little to no degeneration, depending on the condition it’s been kept over time. It can still be relied upon for anything, including load bearing and support needs for structures. Therefore, there is no real downside to choosing reclaimed wood.

Clearly there are many different reasons why consumers and companies are choosing to use reclaimed oak beams for their new projects. Most importantly, you are making a smart choice by reusing materials that have long since been harvested. In the process you’re helping to make a positive difference in the environment and helping to leave our forests intact. You’ll also be receiving a beautiful, high quality and versatile material that can be used in just about any way.

Think of it this way: instead of recycling in your eco friendly home, you can be living in a recycled home!

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