Four Benefits Of The Simple Coir Mat

by Owner on September 24, 2010

Are you familiar with the coir mat? Coir matting has been in use for quite some time, but many people are either unfamiliar about what it is or simply haven’t heard of it before. Using a coir door mat can provide you with many benefits, both in the usage you get from it and the eco-friendliness of the material itself. Take a quick look at these benefits of the coir mat and you just might have to go out and get a few for your home as well.

1. Natural Material – A coir mat is made from the fibers of a coconut. Specifically, coir is the fiber between the two layers of a coconut’s shells, and it’s easily recognizable if you’ve ever seen someone rip one open. The long, coarse, yellow or brown hairs are taken from mature coconuts, while shorter, weaker, white fibers are from younger, not fully mature coconuts.

A coir door mat is therefore made utilizing 100% natural materials, and materials taken from a fruit which can further be used, making it an efficient selection. Be careful, though, when making your purchase to find a product that contains 100% coir. You might find some synthetic combinations which contain only a small percentage of the real material.

2. Minimal Processing – Coir door mats undergo very little processing, which means that you’ll forego the usage of chemicals and expensive, timely and energy consuming processes. A coir mat can basically be made by wet-milling the fibers and then drying them, and twisting or pressing them into place. The entire process has a very low environmental impact, and while it’s a large scale operation, it doesn’t include any of the typical trappings of large scale industry.

3. Sturdy and Tough – A typical coir mat is going to be extremely durable. The hard materials will easily stand up to the wear and tear of daily usage, and make for perfect entranceway or hallway mats for that reason. They are also very easy to clean, by simply vacuuming or taking them out and beating them a few times. Occasionally moistening the mat with some fresh water is a great way to help it last even longer.

4. Affordable – Coir matting can be purchased for a very low price. As we all know, this isn’t always the case with many environmentally friendly products, which require a higher personal investment in order to get the benefits and advantages of an eco-friendly choice. Coir door mats can be purchased for a very low cost, and depending on the size, design and style, you can find some great options for as little as $10.

There are definitely many different advantages to choosing coir door mats. It’s an all natural material and it can be processed and utilized with an absolute bare minimum of drawbacks to the environment. Of course it doesn’t hurt that they look great, hold up excellently and can purchased for a low price. Consider adding a coir mat to your home or apartment and you’ll enjoy all of these benefits and more.

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