Woven Bamboo Flooring Is The Ideal Eco Option

by Owner on September 21, 2010

Woven bamboo flooring has been gaining a lot of popularity over the past few years. The debate has been raging on about bamboo products in general, but strand woven bamboo flooring is an even better option than many standard bamboo products, improving on the already substantial benefits of using this construction material. It might not be the perfect eco friendly option, and nothing is, but it’s pretty close to living up to that high standard.

One of the big knocks on using bamboo material for any number of consumer or construction products is the manufacturing process that it undergoes, including inefficient refining or conversion processes, and the application of chemicals for treatment.

Woven bamboo flooring is a bit different though. The bamboo can be prepared basically by just a boiling and pressing process, and then low-VOC adhesives can be used to hold it all together. It’s quick, painless and minimally detrimental on the environment.

Strand woven bamboo flooring is durable and sturdy, and can be used anywhere in the home. It’s very easy to clean and to work with, and you’ll find that it holds up to all of the daily wear and tear that you could expect any home to deal with.

Plus, woven bamboo flooring really looks spectacular, especially when it showcases its beautiful, light and natural coloring. It can be perfect for the kitchen, for hallways, and even for the bedroom or a main living room.

Of course, the bamboo plant in general is great for the environment. Many people still don’t know all of the benefits of planting and utilizing bamboo, and believe that “a tree is a tree” or “a plant is a plant.” This is true to a certain extent, but you’ll see notable differences, including the fact that bamboo forests take in five to ten times more carbon dioxide than typical trees, and release much more oxygen as well. That’s getting more oxygen bang for your carbon buck.

Not only that, but bamboo can also regenerate, which means that the same plant can be used many times in its lifetime when it’s grown and harvested carefully. When the surface stalks are removed, the roots are still left behind alive, allowing the plant to quickly grow once again. Quick is the operative word here, because bamboo plants can mature in as little as three years. Contrast that to the 30, 50 or even 100 year maturation process for many popular hardwoods used in flooring and you can see for yourself why there is no comparison.

As you can see, woven bamboo flooring takes a good thing and makes it even better. Bamboo plants are very advantageous to the environment. From their quick maturation, to their regeneration and their oxygen output, they are a great choice of material. Not only that, but strand woven bamboo flooring undergoes a relatively simple and more eco-friendly manufacturing process that makes this choice of material one of your best bets when you want your home to set the bar high for environmental consciousness.

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