Four Reasons to Use a Low Voltage Lighting Transformer for your Yard

by Owner on September 1, 2010

Finishing off your backyard and your landscaping is always a tantalizing prospect, and often what gets the job done best is the proper lighting. Using a low voltage lighting transformer to help get your system situated may be your best available option, and there a number of different factors for this. Take a look at some of the key reasons why low voltage lighting transformers should be used for your yard.

1. Energy Efficiency: By its very nature, a low voltage landscape lighting transformer will eat up far less energy than typical lighting systems. The transformers cut down typical voltage from 120V to 12V or 24V. Therefore you are greatly reducing the amount of energy you’re using for your backyard lighting. Since this is generally a luxury addition to your house and not a necessity, it’s always nice to make it as environmentally friendly as possible. There are also many sizes in terms of watts available, so you can pick out the precise class and size you need to handle your own custom system.

2. Cost Savings: Buying a low voltage lighting transformer may cost you a bit more upfront, however, over the long haul you are going to actually be saving a good deal of money over standard systems. Opting to go for a toroidal transformer with maximum efficiency and shelf life will save you even more money. Plus, as described below, you’ll see that you can easily install the system yourself, yet again saving more cash.

3. Safety: Safety is always important around the home, and electricity is nothing to take lightly. Low voltage lighting transformers are very safe to work with, they are lightweight and they won’t give you any headaches or leave any worry. This is particularly important when you have children and pets roaming the yard, and when you plan on completing the installation yourself.

4. Ease of Use: Because of the general safety and flexibility of lighting systems based on a low voltage lighting transformer, you’ll find that they are very easy to setup and install. You can bury them right underneath the surface and run the wire yourself without too much hassle. This again saves you money off a professional installation job, and it keeps your landscaping as hassle free as possible. Plus, that means if you ever want to adjust, move or tweak your system, it won’t be hard to pull off.

As you can see, there are a variety of great reasons that you should consider opting for a low voltage lighting transformer system for your outdoor yard. You’ll have a limitless array of options and designs you can work with, and you can do it all yourself. You’ll be keeping your hard earned money in your own pocket, and you will be working with a safe system that’s eco-friendly. It’s a compelling case, and for all of these reasons and more, low voltage lighting transformers are your best bet.

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