Why Choose an Organic Cotton Mattress Pad?

by Owner on July 9, 2010

An organic cotton mattress pad can make a big difference for you in terms of the quality of your sleep, the comfort you enjoy all throughout the night and more. They are an environmentally sound item, made from natural materials, that will help to guard against allergies, asthma and other problems while still providing you with all of the comfort that you’d be looking for. Take a look at a few of the reasons to choose an organic mattress pad.

One of the biggest problems with both mattresses and mattress toppers or pads is the synthetic compounds that are used in their construction. They are treated with various chemicals to help give them longevity and certain comfort or touch traits and tendencies, and they contain dyes and various other synthetic chemicals for a whole cast of reasons. Any number of these can provide unhealthy side effects, and you could be allergic to a wide variety of them. Mattresses and mattress pads also accumulate dust, dust mites, pet dander and all kinds of other allergens as well. This can quickly accumulate to the point that you’re an allergic mess most of the time.

An organic cotton mattress pad can naturally combat some of these problems by offering you an all-natural product that’s free from chemicals and synthetic compounds of all kinds.

An organic mattress pad can also provide some great, natural comfort. You’ll be amazed at how soft and comfortable these materials can be, and at the large selection and variety from which you can choose. Organic cotton is the most popular material, but mattress toppers made of wool, natural latex and a host of other materials are available as well. There’s something for everybody in terms of the exact feel that you’re looking for, as well as the price range that best suits your budget.

Additionally, if you have a newborn or a very young child you should definitely consider turning to an organic crib mattress pad. That’s because at this young age it will be hard to realize what allergies or other conditions may be present, or could be triggered. Also, why take a chance exposing them to potentially harmful chemicals from non-organic materials? Sensitivity to allergies, asthma and other problems can be much greater at this young age, so every precaution should be taken to ensure you don’t run into any issues. An organic crib mattress pad is therefore simply a smart decision and one that could go a long way towards keeping your child safe and sound.

As you can see, whether it’s for yourself or for your baby, an organic cotton mattress pad will offer you a wide range of different benefits. You’ll be preventing allergic reactions and allergy flare ups, you’ll be reducing triggers for your asthma and ultimately you will be getting a sound, comfortable, full night’s rest. For all of these reasons and more it makes for a great purchase and it will not only make you more comfortable and healthy, but will also help you maintain your eco friendly lifestyle.

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