A Mini Split Air Conditioner is the Most Eco Friendly Cooling Option

by Owner on July 6, 2010

The mini split air conditioner has caught the attention of homeowners and business owners all across the country. It’s the most eco friendly cooling option that you have at your disposal, and it will help you save money while cutting down on your energy usage significantly. It’s all about being efficient and only using what you need it, when you need it. It also provides some great added control and fine-tuning, which typical central cooling systems can’t match.

What are mini split air conditioners, you may ask? It is a form of ductless air conditioning, with one outdoor compressor connecting via a small conduit to separate indoor ceiling-mounted air conditioning blowers in different zones and rooms. This is a unique setup that provides some very distinct advantages over its more conventional counterparts.

The main benefit with mini split air conditioners is that you can control each individual room or zone separately. Each indoor unit is controlled entirely by its own thermostat. This is opposed to central cooling system using a duct where you can turn it off or on and only have one setting for the entire area in use.

Now you only need to be cooling a particular room when it’s in use. If different individuals need different temperatures, they can enjoy the convenience of creating their own personal settings. When you leave a room to go make some food in the kitchen or watch television in the den, you can switch off the AC in that area but still instantly have access to it in the next room. It’s quick and easy to work with and offers great control in addition to its efficiency.

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Another important benefit though is that with a ductless air conditioning system you will be eliminating all of the energy loss that ducts cause. The transference through these ducts often accounts for up to 30% of your total energy consumption for cooling, raising your usage and your costs substantially. With no ducts to worry about you also have don’t have any duct losses, saving you valuable money and cutting out a huge chunk of your usage.

The one potential downside to a mini split air conditioner is that the systems are a bit expensive to purchase and install for the first time, especially when compared with a window AC unit. However, the cost savings from your more efficient energy usage will be substantial over time. Additionally, as opposed to typical central heating and cooling, you won’t need to install ducts, which actually makes it a cheaper upfront option in many cases!

The bottom line is that a mini split air conditioner is by far the most efficient and environmentally friendly option for cooling. It’s great for large homes, multi-family residences and even offices and small businesses. You’ll waste less energy, spend less money, have more control of your home’s temperature and more, making this a winning eco friendly option.

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Mini Split Air Conditioner July 9, 2010 at 9:57 am

Interesting post! Good air conditioning makes life so comfortable. Thanks for the info!


LG Mini Split August 20, 2010 at 3:16 pm

Great article about the benefits of using a mini split air conditioner. It sounds like people are paying attention to these because of their many benefits. Good post.


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