A Solar Pool Cover Saves Energy, Money, Water and Time

by Owner on June 21, 2010

If you have a pool in your yard or an indoor pool in your home then you may have already thought about using a solar pool cover. Solar pool covers can provide a wide array of benefits to those who use them. You’ll end up saving a great deal of time and effort in terms of heating and maintaining your pool, and you’ll be helping to make your home more eco friendly at the same time.

Two of the biggest problems with pool maintenance are heating up the water and keeping the water at that temperature once you have it warmed up. Simply put, without solar covers for pools all of your options are, at best, inefficient.

Actively heating your pool using a heater takes up a great deal of energy, costing you money and raising your footprint. Waiting for the sun to heat up your pool without a solar pool cover can take a great amount of time and produce widely variable results.

Solar pool covers improve upon both of these processes, and if you have been actively heating your pool you’ll almost completely eliminate that bill and that energy usage. You’ll reduce your heating costs by at least 70 percent and depending on your specific conditions, potentially even more.

The action of a solar pool cover is multifunctional. First, it allows the heat from the sun to pass through the cover and enter the water. Second, it retains that heat as opposed to letting it escape. This is huge because at least 70% of your heat loss is through airborne evaporation. Even if you have an indoor pool, a solar pool cover will still help you retain heat by preventing that evaporation, even without helping it obtain any more sun rays.

Another reason to switch to swimming pool solar covers is that you’ll also be preventing water loss. Refilling your pool midseason is wasteful, and you can cut back on the need for that by as much as 50% with a solar pool cover that will help to prevent evaporation. At the same time, with less airborne exposure you’ll also be limiting your usage of chemicals, which is another environmentally friendly benefit.

Don’t forget either that solar pool covers provide the benefit of reducing your actual cleaning of the pool water. Much less debris, dirt and other material will be able to get into your pool, so you can spend more time enjoying your pool and less time cleaning it and dealing with those kinds of hassles.

Clearly there are many different reasons why you may want to consider solar covers for pools. If you aren’t using one, you’re wasting your money and adding to your carbon footprint through increased energy, water and chemical usage. A simple switch to a solar pool cover will save you a substantial amount of money, make maintaining your pool an absolute breeze and will help you make your home more environmentally friendly.

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Solar Pools August 26, 2011 at 2:30 am

Thanks for the cool article. Most people don’t realize all the benefits of a solar pool cover. They really are a great product! They help you to heat the pool, keep it warm, and keep debris out. You are helping the environment, while saving time and money.

Money well spent!


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