Review: How To Build A Solar Panel Guide Showdown

by Owner on April 26, 2010

Ever think about how to build a solar panel array for your home? If your means and location allow it, nothing gets you as close to being off-grid and off fossil fuels like installing solar panels for your home’s use.

Until recently, installation cost was a major consideration that prevented people from enjoying their own solar power. But recent technology advances have made it less and less expensive to make or acquire a solar panel. Even if they have come down in price, however, installing solar panels can still be expensive if you go with a contractor. If you happen to be the do it yourself type, then you may have wondered about how to build a solar panel array yourself. If that describes you, it turns out you can easily do this using easy-to-find materials, possibly for as little as $200.

There are several guides on the Internet that teach you about installing solar panels yourself, so I decided to buy several of them and review them. I spent several hours reading the guides and supplemental materials, and watching the many videos that came with the courses.

I found one clear winner: Earth4Energy. I also found two other guides that were almost but not quite as good.

Top Choice:

  • Large,detailed e-book loaded with great step by step information.
  • Nine videos and complete wiring plans to accompany main guide.
  • Easy to understand, assumes no previous knowledge.
  • Renewable energy tax credit information.
  • Excellent technical support.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.

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2nd Place:

  • Good e-book guide covering the basics.
  • Six “hands-on” supplemental videos.
  • Detailed wiring and installation plans.
  • 60-day money back guarantee.

3rd Place:

  • Good e-book guide covering the essentials.
  • Fifteen videos covering every topic.
  • Better if you prefer learning with videos.
  • Discusses building portable solar panels for RV’s and camping.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.

While all three programs are very good for teaching you how to build a solar panel system and get you off the grid, in my opinion Earth4Energy stood heads and shoulders above the rest.

The main Earth4Energy step-by-step guide was thorough, well-organized and very easy to follow. It literally takes you from knowing nothing about how to build a solar panel and guides you every step of the way to achieving a complete system. The manual presents the information in a logical sequence, so that each section builds on knowledge from the previous ones without assuming you know something that you don’t.

The Earth4Energy e-book teaches you all about electricity and wiring — explaining the difference between a circuit and a switch, between AC and DC electricity, and many other essential things you need to know to get your project right. It also teach you about batteries, estimating your load, how to wire your own solar panel, and evaluating the solar potential of your property.

The program comes with nine videos stuffed with additional information–from the tools you need to electrical fundamentals to ways of connecting your homemade solar panels to the grid. The videos really help you visualize the instructions in the guide and help you get the job done.

GreenDIYEnergy is a close second place. Much of the same information is covered as Earth4Energy. The six videos this program offers are also very good, and are very “hands-on” in showing you how to go about installing solar panels for your home. Why second place? I felt that Earth4Energy’s information flow was a bit easier to understand and follow.

The runner up is HomeMade Energy. It had the most videos of the three, a total of fifteen videos to cover every subject. This program obviously relies more on the videos to cover the things you need to know, which may be good or bad for you. The eBook is good and included some creative ideas for getting free or discounted home solar panels. It also has a section on how to build solar panels that are portable so that you can use them for camping and outdoor activities. However, I personally still did find the other two programs just a bit easier to follow.

So if you’re a do-it-yourself type and want to learn how to build a solar panel system for your home, click here to see why Earth4Energy is the best choice. I found it to be the one most likely to get you from zero to finished solar power project and saving money fast.

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