The Top Five Most Energy Efficient Dishwasher Models, Early 2010 Edition

by Owner on April 21, 2010

If you’re shopping for a new efficient dishwasher, what models should you be looking for? Here I list the top five most water efficient and energy efficient dishwasher models as of April 2010, and follow up with a few runners up from other brands.

How to judge water and energy efficiency? The answer, as always (at least in the US), lies with Energy Star standards. Energy Star considers the following factors to be important:

*Size–they can be standard or compact. For purpose of this article I will assume you’re seeking a standard dishwasher.

*Water and electricity standards. As of this writing, Energy Star requires a dishwasher to use 5.8 gallons or less per cycle. For energy, there is a strict kilowatt hours/year measurement, which must be 324 kWh/year or less under Energy Star.

So the criteria are simple: the fewer kilowatt hours per year used the better, and the fewer gallons per cycle the better as well. I used energy as the main criterion, although the most energy efficient dishwashers are among the most water efficient as well.

(Asterisks denote minor model variants.)

1) Bosch, certain SH* models. There are several models: SHE68E05UC, SHE68E15UC, SHV68E13UC, SHX68E05UC, and SHX68E15UC. Each of these are tied for first place, using a mere 180 kilowatt hours per year and 1.56 gallons per cycle (by comparison, the least efficient on the list came in at 324 kilowatt hours and 5.6 gallons respectively).

Tied for first place are two models from Gaggeneau, DF260760 and DF261760, both of which also use 180 kWh/year and 1.56 gallons per cycle.

2) Asko D5893XXL** series. There are two models listed, D5893XXLFI AND D5893XXLHS. They both came in at 187 kWh/year and 3.8 gallons per cycle (more than twice as much water used as the first place winners, but still very water efficient.)

3) Asko model D3531. It consumes 194 kWh/year and 3.8 gallons/cycle.

4) Bosch SGE63E0*UC. It uses 234 kWh/year and 1.56 gallons/cycle.

5) Bosch, certain SH* models. Bosch rounds out the top five with another bunch of models in the SH series: SHE68P0*UC, SHV68P03UC, and SHX68P05UC. Each of these consumes 234 kWh/year and 2.21 gallons/cycle.

As you can see, Asko and Bosch blow away the competition. That continues to be true all the way down the list. If you’re looking for other brand names, here are a few runners up that didn’t make the top five:

Viking: look for DFUD142, which uses 234 kWh/year and 3.8 gallons/cycle.

Thermador: look for DWHD650G** or DWHD651GFP, both of which use 260 kWh/year and 1.56 gallons/cycle.

Whirlpool: the clear winner for this brand is GU3100XTV, using 270 kWh/year and 4.8 gallons/cycle.

Jenn-Air: JDB3200AW** is the highest ranked model, using 279 kWh/year and 4.27 gallons/cycle.

Frigidaire: FPHD2491KF* is highest rated for that brand, using 280 kWh/year and 4.3 gallons/cycle.

Miele: look for G2732, using 281 kWh/year and 4.96 gallons/cycle.

General Electric: GSM18**N is rated tops, at 281 kWh/year and 5.8 gallons/cycle.

Kenmore: model 1520****A uses 283 kWh/year and 3.68 gallons/cycle.

Happy shopping for your water and energy efficient dishwasher!

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