“Trashion” Comes To DC For Inauguration

by Owner on January 13, 2009


President-elect Obama’s inauguration is hitting the trash–in style.

Nancy Judd is a fashion designer and owner of Recycle Runway–a maker of elegant garments made out of trash that she displays in busy airports throughout the country. Her mission is to change the way we think about recycling and the environment by contemplating how even “dumpster couture” can be chic and beautiful.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Ms. Judd has been invited to showcase her designs at the upcoming Green Inaugural Ball honoring President-elect Obama in Washington, D.C. The $500-a-plate event is a huge step up for an individual with no fashion design background. The only things she has are her unbridled passion for the environment and the raw materials from dumpsters–rusty nails, aluminum cans, discarded glass, and the like.

These photos here are a close up of the header picture and the materials used for making the dress out of over 12,000 bits of crushed glass from Albuquerque’s recycling program. She used it to highlight how glass products require 40% less energy than other products for items like bottles–and can also be used for municipal projects such as landscaping and street asphalt.


This next set of photos is a faux fur coat made out of old cassette and video tapes that took over 400 hours to make. The message conveyed was that new technology creates a huge amount of waste out of obsolete products. People should either hold on longer to their products or recycle them in a way that recovers and reuses valuable materials out of them.


This third set of pictures is of a cocktail dress made entirely out of rusty nails that, according to the Journal, “clinks alluringly” as the wearer walks by. It showcases the importance of construction materials in building a greener world, as the buildings we use have a huge impact on the environment. Green building significantly reduces a building’s carbon footprint, waste, and energy use.

The fashion she designs are intended as works of art rather than actual wearable items. It’s probably not fun to sit on rusty nails, and the glass-sequined dress has a tendency to shed. But the point is well-made!
Ms. Judd is next scheduled to display her styles at Orlando’s International Airport this summer. Meanwhile, she is no doubt ready for the Inaugural Ball, complete with tote bag made out of recycled Obama signs! (If you want to support her cause, you can buy one of her tote bags at her website.)

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