Martha Stewart Introduces Line Of Green Cleaning Products

by Owner on February 19, 2010

Martha Stewart fans out there might be glad to know that she has introduced a new line of green cleaning products for your eco friendly home: Martha Stewart Clean.

She offers a variety of products for the home including all purpose cleaner, dishwashing detergent, glass and mirror cleaner, carpet cleaner, and more. These products are made from 99%+ plant- and mineral-based formulas, with a minimum of artificial colors or harsh synthetic chemicals. The containers themselves are also recyclable.

Always on the lookout for independent opinions about how eco friendly a product really is, I learned that these cleaning products actually do carry the US Environmental Protection Agency’s “Design for the Environment” certification. A DfE award means that a scientific review team has examined the product for substances that are potentially harmful to the environment or human health and has concluded that the product contains only those ingredients that are considered to be of least concern among chemicals in their own class. The intent is to guarantee that a product uses the least harmful chemicals possible.

The “Design for the Environment” eco-label is great news for anyone wary of greenwashing, a valid concern at a time where many things are “spun” as eco friendly home products. Third party certification using scientific data is a great way to figure out what green cleaning products really are what they say they are.

Anyone have experience with Martha Stewart Clean? Post your thoughts below.

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Tara @ Go Green St March 10, 2010 at 1:13 am

I am not a big Martha Stewart fan at all, and honestly think these products are just another dollar bill sign to her. Unless I am greatley mistaken here, nothing is “green” about Martha Stewart.

When I make purchases I always factor in how green the compan actually is, and I am not sure I would even take a second look at anyting created by her line.


mary March 21, 2010 at 9:16 pm

I just used Martha’s cleaning product. They are great. My kitchen is sparkling.


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