Leviton 6124h Decora Programmable Timer Switch Saves Energy By Conveniently Managing Your Lights

by Owner on February 5, 2010

Tired of the nightly ritual of turning on certain lights or appliances and later turning them off? How about forgetting to turn them off altogether? It can all be a big waste of time and money, especially if you live in a larger home. Wouldn’t it be great if you could program the pesky light switches to automatically go on and off by themselves? The Leviton 6124h programmable timer switch does exactly that, relieving you of the hassle and allowing you to efficiently fine tune exactly when your home’s lights get switched on and off.

The Leviton 6124h is part of the Leviton Decora family of switches, an award-winning line of devices designed to enhance any interior, from the contemporary to the traditional. The switch is available in white, almond and ivory.

The switch is 24-hour LCD programmable, and allows you to program your lights on or off down to thirty-minute intervals. That level of flexibility makes it ideal for a wide variety of applications: general lighting, bathroom heat lamps, hot tubs and spas, motors, pools, attic fans, exhaust fans, home office lights, closets, landscape and security lighting, and more.

The Leviton 6124h has a single large button and three smaller ones below it. The large button lets you turn the light on and off manually, overriding the timer. The smaller buttons are for setting up your programmed times: the left one advances the electronic cursor at 30 minute intervals, the center one toggles the on/off command, the right one sets the actual time. A red LED light informs you when the switch is set to “on.” The switch also has a memory so that you do not have to re-program the switch if the power goes off.

The switch is single-pole, has a load rating of 1200W, and is intended for 120 volt AC. It is three-wire, and a neutral is required. It is compatible with electronic ballasts such as those found on fluorescent lights.

I can think of a lot of handy places where I’ll love having the Leviton 6124h when I get to doing the electrical work in my new home: my front door light, my back door light, my front foyer, my basement lights, and more. I’m tired of forgetting to turn them off and feeling guilty about wasting energy. With this stylish Decora programmable timer switch, it won’t matter!


Pro’s: Allows you to turn on lights and appliances only when you need them, and not worry about remembering to turn them off.

Con’s: somewhat more expensive than regular switches or other programmable switches with less flexible features.

Why it’s green: you can save a lot of energy, fossil fuel-based electricity, and money by having lights and appliances turned off automatically when you know you won’t need them.

Green certifications: none that I’m aware of.


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