Back Online

by Owner on September 15, 2009

I’m back online after “going dark” in anticipation of my move into my new home. I’m happy to say everything went perfectly smoothly even if it was all terribly stressful–from the frantic last minute packing, to closing on the house, to Moving Day itself. I finally got broadband up and running last night. Now it’s on to unpacking and getting on with the many projects that await.

I’m still struck by how environmentally unfriendly moving can be. I had no choice but to use an astounding number of cardboard boxes, which will hopefully be recycled to someone who also needs to move. The amount of protective paper I had to use was immense, but at least it was recycled paper and I also hope to pass the many bags full of this paper along to some other person needing to move.

Other green challenges await. Chief among them: eco friendly ways of getting rid of the many mosquitoes and poison ivy left behind by the neglectful previous owners of this home!

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