Go Green With Chic Outdoor Solar Lights

by Owner on July 31, 2009

solar cynergy solar outdoor lights

Nothing can be greener than using solar power, and no lighting is more efficient than LED. Now you can find both of these green technologies combined in high end, modern outdoor solar lights solutions from Solar Cynergy.

These amazing outdoor lights are intended as a replacement of “wired” accent or landscape lighting in favor of sustainable, efficient, solar powered lights that provide great lighting wherever you need it outdoors. They are ideal for lighting pathways, gardens, yards, pools, and landscape features.

The lights feature high quality Nichia LED’s combined with capacitor technology. The tiny solar panels in the lights are embedded beneath a protective and scratch resistant polycarbonate resin surface, where they absorb solar power for the capacitor by day. The energy is then released to light the LED light at night when prompted to do so by a photo sensor.

solar cynergy solar outdoor lights 3aBecause these lights use a capacitor instead of a rechargeable battery, the lights last much longer. The light’s components come in weather resistant casing, allowing the manufacturer to offer a 10 year warranty and an expected 25+ year lifetime.

They come with lots of choices. They’re available in blue, red, white, halogen white and green. You can order them in circular, square, and rectangular shapes. Plus you can buy a single light or in sets of six!

These outdoor solar lights give you the best of all worlds: long-lasting, efficient solar outdoor lighting with a modern aesthetic that relies solely on the sun’s rays to keep your landscape well lit at night. Check them out as a great option for an eco friendly house!

solar cynergy solar outdoor lights 3a

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