Get Super-Fast, Convenient Compost With A Compost Tumbler

by Owner on July 6, 2009

Tired of dealing with a messy composting bin, pile or wormery that seems to take forever? Compost tumblers solve two of the most annoying problems gardeners have when creating garden compost: the inconvenience and inefficiency of aerating a pile, and the large amount of time it takes to get usable compost. It takes so long because it’s difficult to fully aerate the composting pile in a way that maximizes the decomposition of organic material, causing the pile to take much longer to deliver you the smooth black compost you’re looking for.

compost tumblerA compost tumbler (like the one pictured at right) is just what it sounds like: a bin that is kept off the ground on a stand, with a turning mechanism to allow for extremely easy, convenient, and complete turning of the compost pile every couple of days. All you have to do is fill up the composting bin with garden and kitchen scraps, slide the door shut, and give it a turn whenever you happen to pass by. It holds up to 42 dry gallons of material with no mess and no fuss. The one pictured is made of recycled black polypropylene that absorbs the heat your pile needs, and its design is rodent-proof.

This compost tumbler is so fast and efficient that you can have excellent compost in a matter of weeks instead of having to wait many months.

Tuck a smartly designed compost tumbler like this one away in some convenient corner of your garden, enjoy new compost every few weeks, and forget having to wrestle with slow, messy, rodent-attracting piles ever again!

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